7 books changed my life


Life’s Playlist:7 books changed my life to the best!

How can reading few books change someone’s life? Can it really happen that 7 books changed my life completely and to the best? Although, it might be quite a statement to make or an exaggeration for some people. In fact, reading those 7 books changed and improved not only my life, but also my understanding to it.

Book stores, libraries, even the interenet is flooded with self development and self help books. Indeed, some of them are worthy of the genre: self-help. However, many of them I found cheap and commercial-non-fictional-fluff.

If you don’t know anything about me, and this is your first time to stumble on my blog, then there is something you should probably know. I’m a serious reader of spychology, parenting books, entrepreneurial books and self development books. Because my life was rediculously series of drama, bad luck and toxic people. That’s why I needed to elevate the quality of who my life and what my life attracted.

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My life took a radical dip to the bottom in 2019. It could not get any worse. To illustrate, the expression” hit rock bottom” was my life. Then, I needed something to change. I started reading every single thing my eyes, before my hands fell on. Additionally, I made quite a library of “gems” aka self development books.

Clearly, my life started taking smaller steps to the better direction. To be clear here, reading the best books won’t change your life. However, applying the knowlege you gain from those books, and doing some serious work will. Elemination of people. Also, reframing your thoughts. Embracing a positive mindset. Besides, having some non-negotiables. All of these along with the comming few books will literally take your life to a better direction and will elevate your lifestyle.

Reading 7 books changed my life, like really?

Hence, the title ” 7 books changed my life”. But first let’s discuss how a book can change someone’s life.

Truth be told, I have come across many of these titles, blog posts and YouTube videos of book recommendations.

I do love them!
Yet, most of the times, you need to get a clearer picture of lifechanging events or a back story. Moreover, you need to see some sort of social proof for the skeptical minds out there. How 7 books changed my life can be an exaggeration for some people. But believe me, if they didn’t change my life, I would have been somewhere we don’t want to know.

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What books can change someone’s life anyway?

When someone tells you this book changed my life, believe him! First, only him knows how his life was like before and after. So, only him can assess the quality of life he lives after feeling some changes, even if they are not feasible to you. Secondly, life changing incidents or stories are individualistic. Lastly, only you decide what exactly changed your life. Is it an aspect of your life, your mindset, your perspective, or your understanding of your purpose? Because all of these can completlety change some people choices in life.

Discover 7 books changed my life and can change yours to the best!

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I choose my good reads by checking what people like Jay Shetty, Seth Godin, and other inspiring people read. Yet, my taste in books vary between self-development, fiction, finance, history, psychology…etc.
I do like to change genres every now and then so that I don’t get bored. At the same time, I gain more knowledge in different areas. Plus, I keep myself entertained, and I broaden my library.

Should you change the type of books you read?


Think about books as you think about food. Both are comsumable. However, some can be healthy choices, and some merely nutritional and few are really bad.
For example, self-development books are mainly there to help people with their mindset. On the other hand, fiction books like the classics to enhance your imagination. After all, what is a person without imagination?
Boringly flat!

Self-development books are on top of the reading list for any entrepreneur

7 books changed my life and my mindset completely

My choice of books started to vary to reading in entrepreneurship to help me understand the business world as a mom entrepreneur.
Besides that I educate myself in digital marketing and copywriting since that is my true passion.
In short, I’m not a prisoner of any genre or one type of books. My choice pof books mirrors my diet : mostly healthy and diverse.

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best reads

How to choose your next favorite book to change your life?

Think about it this way, in the marketing world we have a term called niche. By saying that, figure out what aspect of your life needs improvement. After all, if you are going to read something and not benefit from it, that is a waste of time. As women, we tend to be quite picky with the topics we need somehting to relate to and get inspired by.

So, the key point of reading is investing in yourself.

Discover Your Perfect Book in Three Simple Steps:

How to choose a book for “you”?

  1. For New Readers:
    • Opt for a concise book centered around a topic you’re passionate about.
    • Consider a novel adapted into a movie you enjoyed.
  2. Occasional Readers’ Guide:
    • Select a book that resonates with your current life phase, whether it’s relationships, career, or finance.
  3. Revitalize Your Reading Experience:
    • If you’re an experienced reader feeling bored, switch up your book genre immediately.
    • Explore new reading habits and timings to rejuvenate your love for books.
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Discover how 7 books changed my life here

1-The power of now

I started this book in January 2021 because I was lost and obsessed about the future. I had some anxiety about what will tomorrow have for me. Millions of unanswered questions and fears were fighting each other.
The Power of Now shows you that every minute you spend worrying about the future or regretting the past is a minute lost. Because all you have to live in is the present, the now , only. It emphasizes the greatness of the current moment. It also gives you actionable strategies to start living every minute as it occurs.

2- A man’s search for a meaning

During my life coaching course that I mainly enrolled in to help myself finding my purpose. That book was frequently mentioned. That’s why I had it written down on my to read list and I’m grateful for that book.

  • Survival Fuel:
    • In tough times, those with a purpose showed incredible strength and resilience.
  • Discovery Tool:
    • Logotherapy, Dr. Frankl’s creation, helps navigate chaos, guiding individuals to find their unique life meaning.

“A Man’s Search for Meaning” isn’t just a book; it’s a guide to discovering purpose and facing challenges with newfound strength. Dr. Frankl’s insights resonate as a reminder that finding meaning can transform our lives, even in the toughest moments.

7 books changed my life

3- The 5am club

Something I’ve always yearned for but struggled to achieve was consistently waking up early each morning. The motivation for this eluded me until I delved into books on building lasting habits. Among them, the game-changer for me was “The 5 AM Club.”

This book weaves an intriguing narrative around a group of individuals, each battling their own struggles. The common thread? They all transformed their lives by adopting habits centered around waking up at 5 am, propelling them from mediocrity to greatness. The essence here is clear: abandon the ordinary and embrace the pursuit of greatness.

“The 5 AM Club” isn’t just for early risers; it’s a guide for anyone striving to conquer their fears. It resonates particularly with those juggling side hustles, offering valuable insights even if the early morning isn’t your forte. It’s a call to transcend the average and reach for greatness, with takeaways that extend beyond the realm of waking up early.

4-The Ikigai

By sheer chance, I stumbled upon this book while engrossed in another audio journey. The mere mention of it sparked an obsession that led me to uncover the Japanese secrets to a happy and long life. In a culture where the word “retired” is absent, the Japanese live purposefully and productively until the end—a testament to the art of sustained, focused effort.

Key Takeaways from the Book:

  • Japanese Longevity Secrets:
    • Unveils the secrets behind why Japanese people live remarkably long lives.
  • Purposeful Living:
    • Highlights the absence of the concept of “retirement,” emphasizing a continuous, purposeful life.
  • Divine Focus:
    • Advocates for the art of dedicating oneself to a task with unwavering focus over an extended period.

This book isn’t just a cultural exploration; it’s a guide to infusing purpose and longevity into our own lives by adopting the Japanese approach to meaningful living.


5- The art of simplicity

Stumbling upon another gem was a stroke of luck during my flying days. Picture this: me, wandering down the plane aisle, when I spot a lady with silver hair, radiating serenity and sublimity. The image of her engrossed in a book, surrounded by a subtle halo, left me green with envy.

The book that held her captive was “L’art de la Simplicité” with its elegantly simple cover, sparking my curiosity. I couldn’t resist interrupting her to learn more. Despite my subsequent quest, the book eluded me for years. Finally, a couple of years later, I stumbled upon the audio version.

This literary treasure became my guide to decluttering — physically, emotionally, and mentally. It nudged me to release possessions I clung to without reason. “L’art de la Simplicité” is a must-read, especially for those seeking simplicity and aesthetics. It imparts a vital lesson: the more you accumulate, the less value, elegance, and beauty you attract. Embrace the journey of letting go, and you’ll find a world enriched with simplicity and grace.

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6- The purple cow

One of the best books I have ever read, and I will re-read it again. It’s for the remarkable Seth Godin, the guru of marketing. Even if you are not into marketing, the purple cow is about creativity and uniqueness.
Think about it this way, a field of brown cows, and one purple, which cow will attract you? The answer is obvious.

The key point of the book is that it teaches you that we need to make remarkable products to attract people to us. This applies to everything. You need to make remarkable changes about you to stand out among the crowd in life, in your career, and in your relationships. That is how you create value.

The way the book was introduced first time in the markets is absolutely unique and genius. It was itself marketed through some of the techniques that Godin describes in his book. The first, self-published edition came packaged in a milk carton.

7- Atomic habits

Another great self-development book that you can’t miss for your personal growth this year.
If you are a person who is into growth and personal development, then this book is a must read. By reading this book you increase your chances of excellence day in and day out, with 1% of improvement every single day. Those baby steps prepare you for life changing decisions and a mental exercise to change for the best version of yourself on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Final thoughts on 7 books changed my life and will certainly change yours

As we close the chapters on this exploration of life-altering books, remember that the power of a well-chosen book extends beyond its pages—it resonates within the fabric of our existence.

In the pursuit of purpose, the dawn of new habits, the unleashing of creativity, the discovery of meaning, the embrace of simplicity, and the surrender to the present moment, these books stand as mentors on our journey. Each offers a unique lens through which we can view and shape our lives.

As you delve into these literary companions, let their wisdom seep into the marrow of your being. May these books not only change your life but become steadfast allies in your ongoing pursuit of growth, fulfillment, and a life well-lived. Here’s to the transformative power of words and the boundless possibilities they unlock. Happy reading, and may your journey be as enriching as the stories within these pages.

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15 Responses

  1. Amazing books! Atomic Habits is on my wish list. A must have!
    Also, if you don’t mind a suggestion, Show Your Work by Austin Kleon is a life changer. Especially for us influencers-to-be!

  2. I completely agree with the other commenters, Atomic Habits was a super helpful book! The Ikigai totally captured my attention, I’m adding it to my reading list. Great post!

  3. I loved Atomic Habits! I’ll have to pick up The 5 AM Club — I recently read The Miracle Morning (it sounds similar to The 5 AM Club), and I loved that one too.

  4. Great post. I’ve only read Atomic Habits and I thought it was great. I’ll have to check out the rest as well. Thank you for sharing!

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