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Welcome to EmysSuitcase, my little corner of the internet. I’m a storyteller, an ex-flight attendant, and a professional baby product tester, among other things.

I’m here to help new moms navigate the roller coaster that is motherhood. And trust me, I know how it feels to live on coffee and love alone. But I also learnt some amazing hacks and tricks that will make you laugh and help you along the way.

On my blog and YouTube channel, I share my personal experiences, hacks for productivity, mompreneur ideas mixed with funny baby stories (like the one where Lilly ate cat poop).

On EmysSuitcase, I want to create a safe space where mothers share their struggles, learn, empower, thrive and help each other.

So grab a cup of coffee (or tea, no judgment here), and join the EmysSuitcase community.

Emy the mother

emy with her husband and daughter
marketing a small business for moms


About EmysSuitcase

My Story

EmysSuitcase started in December 2020 after I was made redundant from my long career as a flight attendant. Initially, it was a platform for sharing my passion for travel,little did I know that this digital space would evolve into a companion for the next chapter of my life .

2022 was Amazing

The turning point arrived in 2022 when I was blessed with the most precious gift – our daughter, Lilly. That’s when my journey into motherhood soared to new heights, transforming EmysSuitcase into a haven not just for travel enthusiasts but for moms navigating MOTHERHOOD mixed with identity crisis.

Being a first time mom with no help came with a new set of challenges and emotions. I wanted to redfine myself and redesign my life, that’s the real start of my story where it unfolds much like packing a suitcase, filled with surprises, challenges, and triumphs. A mom on a mission, armed with a cute purple suitcase and a determination to rebuild her life while embracing every bit of motherhood.

My journey began not just as a blogger, but as a mom determined to stand on her own two feet once again. Fueled by the desire to make money while being there for my daughter, the seeds of my entrepreneurship were planted. EmysSuitcase is the result – a place where I’ve condensed the wisdom gained through trials, errors, and countless adventures into a harmonious symphony of motherhood and business.


2023 the Come Back

EmysSuitcase is not just another mom blog, but a documented digital platform of a mom with a vision and a lifestyle. It’s not just about parenting tips or business plans. It’s about the seamless connection between motherhood and entrepreneurship. With my background in marketing, I’m on a mission – helping, empowering, and transforming dreams into reality for every mom out there.

I’m here to share the real deal, the strategies that have worked for me, and the steps to turn your idea into a kick-ass business adventure. To empower moms like you, who, much like me, dared to dream beyond the conventional.

moterhood worth it

2024 is a new Success

Why EmysSuitcase? Because it’s not just a blog; it’s a haven where mothers can find the inspiration and guidance they need to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re dreaming of starting your own business or regaining financial strength, I’m here to share not just the what, but the how – in a language that’s as warm and friendly as a chat with your best friend.

So, buckle up and join me in unpacking the surprises that EmysSuitcase holds – because every mom deserves to thrive in both motherhood and business. Thank you for being part of this journey.

Love, Emy x


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