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How to survive a long transit:101 guide from a solo traveler

We all know how long transits can be painful. But knowing how to survive a long transit is the trick to enjoy the time in the airport and to land to our destination with the minimum stress. Especially summer holidays are approaching and many of us are planning our vacations. So, whether you are a solo traveller or a mother traveling with her baby, choosing a destination , a flight and airport-if you a choice- strategically is a tactic most of us use to survive a long transit. Therefore, in this blogpost, we share the complete guide of how to survive a long transit from an expert traveller.

The 101 guide on how to survive a long transit

The transit time between your connecting flights can be nerve-racking if you don’t know what to do. But fear not, in this guide we break the transit time down to give you some creative ideas to make your transit time a breeze.

Some travelers spend more money to get a direct flight to avoid the long transit time in airports. However, solo travelers- I used to be one of them- deal with their hollidays as a chance for some new adventures. Even though, budgets play a great role in planning. Enjoyement is the main theme of the trip. That’s why, if you are not well prepared, the trip might flop if you started off on the wrong foot. Moreover, the few transit hours in the aiport can be a negative memory,or a memorable experience.

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The step-by-step preparation

How to survive a long transit mindset

What is a transit?

Any two connecting flights fall in this category. Your transit hours start from disembarking the first plane to the airport terminal, then waiting for a few hours till boarding the next one.

What is a long-haul flight?
Any flight that is over 7 hours usually considered a long haul .

What about a layover?
A layover is any amount of time usually12+ staying in a place, over night.

Many people usually use those 3 terms interchangeably. Referring to long waiting hours in an airport as transit hours, long haul, or a layover is correct.
But over here, we will stick to the term “transit”.

How to survive a long transit: 6 hours and above?

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Here is a complete guide on what to do in an airport and how to enjoy your time without going beyond your budget.

Enjoying your airport transit starts with the right packing. Here are few things you must have to have a wonderful airport stay.

You need a very comfy outfit and a backpack or a big handbag i.e. Longchamp’s. Plus your carry-on bag, and think BIG!

Your carry-on bag is usually the 7 kg trolley bag, which you keep in the overhead compartment; each passenger is allowed those 2 bags, so you don’t have to pay for allowance.

What should be in your backpack?

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  • Sunglasses: if your long hours are during the day, then you definitely need to protect your eyes as some airports are very bright during the day.
  • Travel Kit (Disposable socks, eyeshades, and ear plugs): don’t leave the ones you received in your previous flight behind , you are gonna need them. Use them again, or even ask the flight attendant to give you another pack if possible.
  • Disposable travel dental kit :you can keep your amenity bag from your previous flight if the airline distribute them, or buy a travel kit from the airport, it’s approximately between 8 to 10 dollars.
  • Neck pillow: sleeping seated, on the floor or even in three seats together ,you are going to need it.
  • A book/notebook, pen: usually some brilliant ideas come unexpected and in those long waiting hours the brain sometimes has nothing to do but to generate ideas nonstop. You need to have a place to store them, you never know when will your one million dollar idea will hit you.
  • IPad, or laptop: your portable entertainment system; very important in the very boring hours during the night when the airport is not that busy. Dive in your screen and watch that long movie you always wanted to watch.
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  • Fully charged camera or phone :you can’t miss on a wonderful pic of a take off, or a sunset landing. Keep in mind some times the charging stations in airports are always busy, and sometimes they are malfunctions.
  • Travel wallet: you don’t need the whole massive wallet of everyday life when you are home, you don’t wanna lose that one either. A small one with the travel essentials is more than enough. However don’t forget your loyalty cards of your favorite chains of coffee shops, you might get one on the house.
  • Another T-shirt: you never know when you sweat too much, or drop something on your t-shirt. you need a quick fix.

Your trolley bag should contain:

passport, luggage, trolley-2733068.jpg
  • A blanket: you will definitely need it, you will never know when and where you are going to call your bed for the night.
  • Some under ware/another outfit: for accidents? kidding! take it from a pro, airlines lose bags, no matter how famous they are. It’s better to be prepared than sorry, or to pay triple price for something you already have many of or for something you don’t like but you have to buy.
  • Small toiletry kit: you will need that to freshen up. Get the right travel size, otherwise consider them gashed already.
  • A pair of flip flops: even if you are travelling with the most comfortable shoes ever, sometimes feet get swollen from pressure, water retention, or even lack of rest. Don’t put so much pressure on your feet, and go Hawaiian in the airport if you need to.
  • Wipes: there isn’t bathrooms next to each gate. So why pay a visit to the bathroom and walk for 10 minutes with all your belongings each time you wanna wash your hands? You might lose your small colony for the next few hours for another airport settler.
  • Travel adaptor: this is your most important time machine equipment. Don’t go cheap on this one. Get the international one with all the sockets possible. Whether you go east or west, you will need it.
  • Power bank :as you already know by now charging stations almost always full, and many people are hogging the station with all the gadgets they have for the night. Remember there is no space for everybody’s device in the airport and not all of them are working anyway even in the highly equipped airports, so you definitely don’t want your phone to die. Have a backup, get a power bank.

How to survive along transit in 16 unique ways?

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  1. Make friends: talking to strangers in airports is the easiest and the most fun thing to do. You will never imagine how people are quite friendly when they are bored. keep the conversation going by asking where they are going and what they are going to do when they reach their destination. Have a coffee and exchange some social media accounts. It’s super super cool to look on each others Instagram accounts later and check the places you have told each others you would visit. Stay in touch with them, their home could be your next couch for your next vacation.
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  1. Talk to the flight attendants :they are cool and they will tell you things you need to do, and things to see when you arrive to that specific destination. They are the ultimate guide for 24 hours trips. They have a fully packed agenda with a lot to do and things to avoid. Take notes.
  1. Work out: Whether you are too shy to do 20 squats or a downward dog in public or not. But even if you are, do some chair yoga , and some neck stretches. Airports have sports for everyone; read the panels and check how many minutes walk to a specific gate and come back to yours. You will discover few things in your small gate to gate trips.
  1. Write a blog: write down some notes of your next time in a long transit. What shall you do and what have you forgotten and what are you going to do if you are here anytime soon? Also, write down who you met, draw pictures of people around, but don’t be creepy ,people don’t like it when you stare. start journaling and write down your thoughts with a good coffee and a croissant.
coffee, write, planner-1246511.jpg
  1. People watching: especially children , they are the best in creativity in airports, have a laugh and try to help a parent with his child. You can also look out for any familiar faces ,or a celebrity passing with her 2 toddlers riding their trolleys while the famous actress/mummy is pulling them, that is priceless thing to see.
  1. Treat yourself for some lounge food: try to check some apps to get you some deals and discounts. Believe me it works and it feels wonderful to get a deal in airports. Ask the ground attendants at the lounges about those apps . They meet thousands of passengers from around the world and they have a sea of information about some credit cards deals like “the entertainer”. Remember if you don’t ask, they won’t tell you.
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  1. Sleeeeeeeeep: we didn’t pack a blanket for nothing. Feel cozy and get a bunch of 3 seats together and have a 2 hours of sleep. Don’t forget to set an alarm. If there is NOT a reclining chair or a bench or even some seats together, go Japanese and drop down to the floor it is not that bad. Always hug your bag or use it as a pillow. You don’t wanna wake up having nothing but 2 hours of rest.
  1. Watch a movie: your iPad/smart phone/laptop would be your besties in long transit hours. Watching a movie is one amazing technique to kill 2 or 3 hours. Don’t forget to pack your favorite headsets too.
  1. Read a book: or swing between two of them. Let your mood take you from one book to another. Sometimes you just can’t continue reading the same book and you just need to have a different one. I recommend to pack two different books of 2 different genres. Or head towards WHSmith and get a new one.
  1. Facetime a friend: be mindful of the time zone.
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  1. Check the duty free: See what is the latest offers and deals. sometimes there are few brands and products exclusive to duty free. Don’t spend so much money and know your allowance .Avoid perfumes over 100 ml, otherwise it will be confiscated at your second gate of boarding.
  1. Reply to some long abandoned email: clear your full inboxes, clean up your phone, and get rid of some dormant apps.
  1. Go for foot message or get a pedicure: we packed a pair of flip flops ,time to use them now.
  1. Meditate:sounds weird? Absolutely not.

YES! You will hear announcements every few minutes. But it doesn’t have to be an hour long of meditation. Take few minutes and close your eyes and take few deep breaths.

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  1. Have some late night meal: go for a sandwich or some salads. Have some dried fruits or some nuts while watching your movie. Avoid candy bars and sugar, you will be irritated and agitated faster than you imagine, thanks to the insulin spike.
  1. Update your Instagram: all of us must have an airport photo. There is absolutely no doubt about that. Don’t forget to write a nice caption. You will always remember that moment and will always be fond of it.
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Final thoughts on how to survive a long transit

I have to admit I was not a big fan of long transit hours in the past. Nevertheless, once I knew not only how to survive a long transit but also how to enjoy every single minute, I became a big fan. Although, my choices now are different since I became a mother. I tend to choose options to make traveling solo easier for me with my daughter. However, airport transits are a huge opportinity to teach our kids few things about surviving, wiaiting and enjoyin. Moreover, airports are huge sensory environments for the kids.

how to survive a long transit
one of so many travels with my daughter

What If things got out of control?

By getting out of control, I mean, flight cancellations, or airport shut down due to weather conditions. Then the best mindset is to accept the situation and TRY not to panic. And in those rare situations the best oprions are:

  • Consider leaving the airport for a quick tour of the city and be mindful of your timing. Some airports offer some hotel deals on alternative flights.
  • Have a good night sleep in the airport hotel: bear in mind that if the long transit is due to bad weather or some technical issue and that led to cancelling or delaying the flight and that delay is longer than 11 hours then you are entitled for an accommodation or a hotel and airline is responsible for that- Check the airline policy, and don’t be shy to ask.

Remember, Long transits don’t have to be a suffering. If you know what to do, it will be a memorable adventure.Tom Hanks “Victor Navaroski” stayed in the airport for 9 months. So, 12 hours is not that bad. Share with me some of your funny airport anecdots!

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