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The mompreneur digital tools: Get the 101 guide now!

If you’re a mom starting a business without arming yourself with the right knowldge. Then, you are dooming yourself to failure. To stand out in a saturated market, you have to be unique. Fellow markters often have a term called “unique sellling preposition”. Meaning you got to have some tools to set apart from the crow. We call these tools” the mompreneur digital tools”.

In this blog post, we will delve into a world of digital concepts, tools, and techniques. We will make sure you have your digital landscape set from A to AMAZING, to launch a 2.0 mom business model. Moreover, we will unpack the why, what, how and where? Following in the next few paragraphs, we are conquering the road map of a successful mompreneur digital tools in a complete guide from thinking about it to crushing it.

So, keep reading and take some notes because things will get super exciting!!

The KPIs of a mompreneur: why a digital toolkit is essential for your business success

mompreneur digital tools

The mindset of an entrepreneur mom

Dipping your feet in the business world can be overwhelming. Once you start, the thought of building a business from scratch can be scary. I know, because I’m in the game!

Yet, the sense of personal satisfaction and achievement is quite rewarding and empowering.

Being a mompreneur, I’ve not only understood the importance of mastering digital tools to streamline my daily tasks and elevate my business. But also, I’ve come to appreciate the help of my virtual friends in the digital world to strike a harmonious balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Therefore, I’d like to share some essential allies that have proven to be invaluable in my entrepreneurial journey to run my business efficiently and successfully.

mompreneur digital tools

The foundation of your business: WHY

Let’s draw inspiration from Simon Sinek’s renowned book, “Start with Why,” as we delve into a crucial aspect of business foundation. It’s important to recognize that people will not invest in your product or engage with your business unless it offers genuine value to them. Furthermore, their decision to engage with you is motivated by their perspective, not yours. Hence, initiating a business endeavor or posting on social media should be driven by a clear purpose. Identifying that purpose is a task only you can undertake. If you post on social media sporadically and without a specific motive, it remains a hobby, which is perfectly fine. However, when there’s a well-defined reason, that’s when we can begin discussing business.

A mompreneur digital tools story

mompreneur digital tools

Let me give you a real life example: my story.

Here’s why I chose the road less travelled. I started my social platforms not knowing exactly what I want to do with them. I knew deep down I wanted to empower mothers, and help them with their mindset and regain their slef esteem and recognize their pasion after motherhood. Then, I started thinking that it is not enough. Consequently, I wanted to create a community to help moms, including myself, and my family earn extra money. On the other hand, I did not want to miss the precious years of my daughter’s life and go to work. I knew many moms would relate to me. Then it all came together.

I studied digital marketing; nevertheless, specialized in content marketing. That is why, you will see through my writings that I’m passionate about sharing authentic stories of my day to day life. So moms will definitely understand and relate. And they do!

Meanwhile, I learnt that rule number one is ” authenticity”. Conversely, the most important pillar in content marketing.

Being authentic is why people will buy from you, follow you and build your business. In nowadays metrics, we measure success by the number of folLowers we have. Subsequently, the number of likes on an instagram post is more important than a phone number to some people. Because that means success in the digital language.

Authenticity in mompreneur digital lanscape

  • Be Yourself: Authenticity starts with being true to yourself. Share your real-life experiences, both the highs and lows. Your audience will connect with your vulnerability.
  • Embrace Imperfections: Don’t be afraid to showcase the messy moments of motherhood. It’s relatable and endearing.
  • Consistency is Key: Consistently producing content helps build your authentic brand. Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

Building Authority

As a mompreneur, establishing authority within your niche is crucial. By authority, I mean knowing what you are talking about. To illustrate, If I wrote a blogpost talking about quantum physics, I will not have audience for that. Because i’m not a scientist. I may give an openion, but that would be it. I will not be consideredd a source. Not a trusted one at least.

Whereas, if I shared a blogpost about motherhood challenges or why my toddler won’t listen to me and ways to resolve that. Then I gave a solution for that problem. In that case, I will have some mamas reading my blog, finding it valuable, and sharing it. As a result, they will come back for another piece of advice, because I showed authority.

mompreneur digital tools

How to show authority in your business?

  • Niche Down: Find your unique area of expertise within the mompreneur or mom creator space. Whether it’s parenting hacks, cooking for picky eaters, or home organization. Becoming an expert in your niche sets you apart from the crowd. Portraying you knowladagbe and worthy to listen to.
  • Create High-Quality Content: Invest time in crafting well-researched, informative, and visually appealing content. It showcases your expertise and keeps your audience engaged.
  • Invest in a course:Investing in yourself is sometimes the most benefit you can do for your business. Read more about your business and search ways to improve. Digital course available on Udemey, Skillshare, Coursera, and LinkedIN
  • Collaborate and Network: Partner with other mom creators and experts in your field to grow your knowledge and reach. Share each other’s insights and experiences. Instagram is your best friend when it comes to collaboration, and live hosting episodes.

Harnessing Mompreneur-Friendly Digital Tools for Business Success

mompreneur digital tools

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, mompreneurs need to stay informed, experiment, and engage actively to achieve business success. Fortunately, various digital tools can simplify these tasks and empower you to grow your business effectively.

  • Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest trends and changes in social media algorithms, consider using tools like Hootsuite or Buffer.
  • Experiment and Analyze: Be willing to experiment with different content formats and posting times. Use analytics to understand what works best for your audience. Canva or Later can be incredibly helpful
  • Engage Actively: Interact with your audience by responding to comments and messages promptly. Building a community around your content strengthens your digital presence. Tools such as Sprout Social or HubSpot make it easier to manage and respond to comments and messages promptly
mompreneur digital tools canva

Must-Have Mom Creators and mompreneur digital tools

Now, let’s get into the practical tools and resources that can make your journey as a mompreneur smoother.

As an entrepreneurial mom, I rely on project management digital tool like Notion to keep my content organized. It’re fantastic for brainstorming, scheduling, and tracking progress. And the best part? It’s free, super flexible and collaborative.

mompreneur digital tools

From planning to crushing it: Content creation process with a mompreneur digital tools

Mompreneur digital bestfriend:enter AI

Creating top-notch content for my mompreneur journey has been made significantly more efficient thanks to mompreneur digital tools. Among these invaluable tools, ChatGPT has played a pivotal role in saving me tons of time. With its assistance, I’ve streamlined my content creation process, ensuring that I can focus on other aspects of my business and family life. This efficient collaboration with ChatGPT has truly been a game-changer, allowing me to navigate the demanding world of mompreneurship with greater ease and productivity.

mompreneur digital tools chatgpt

The glue that will hold everything together:

For a mompreneur and a mom content creator like me. I run and manage a website, a youtube, and other social media handles. The creation process takes hours. However, after discovering and using various dashboards. I have discovered that . My time creating design was cut in half along with some time management methods. These digital tools are super mom friendly and you don’t have to have a degree in graphic design to use them.

Creation and design

  • Content Creation: Tools like Canva for graphics. Tailwind design for instagram and pinterest pins. I switch between both, but I found myself using Canva more than anything. I even upgraded to PRO but you can get a decent variety in the free version.
  • Scheduling: Free tools like Hootsuite or Buffer for scheduling posts. Yet, I used MANY- I’m comfortable to write that in big letters- tools like Planable, metricool, and sprout social.
  • Community Building: Platforms like Facebook Groups and Pinterest can help you connect with other creators and engage your audience.
  • Insights and Analytics: You can use tools like Buffer, Metricool, and Social Sprout. These tools can show you information about your reach, hashtags, and more.
  • Website analytics: Ubersuggest by Neil Pattel, and Ahrefs. They also give some content ideas and they have free courses about SEO.
  • Learning Resources: Websites like skillshare and YouTube offer free or affordable courses to sharpen your digital marketing skills.
  • Free blogs and podcasts: The she approach by Ana, online blog and business help by karen


The life of a mom content creator is a beautiful journey filled with challenges and triumphs. To succeed in social media, be real, gain respect, adapt, and use the right tools. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. So find what works best for you and your audience. Your unique voice and experiences as a mompreneur are your greatest assets. So make sure to use that as your asset and use other helpful mompreneur digital tools to your advantage.

I hope my mompreneur insights and tips have been helpful to you on your journey as a mom creator. If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy creating Mama!

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