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How to start 2024 strong? New year resolution and goal setting

New year resolution and goal setting should NEVER be separated. Any new start is a motivation for clean slates and ticking few boxes or jotting few goals down.

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past and set the stage for a promising future. Whether 2023 brought victories or challenges, the key is to close this chapter gracefully and start a new one with clear intentions.

In this guide, we’ll explore actionable steps to bid farewell to the old. Welcome the new, and ensure a powerful start to the upcoming year.

But first, I’m way over New Year’s resolution. I don’t do them anymore!


Because they are cliches!

how to set a new year resolution and goal setting?

10 years ago, I was big on the” New Year, New Me” thingy. But a year ago, I started being obsessed with goal setting and setting intentions every single day. Truth be told, I have always been a dreamer. However, when it comes to achieving my goals, I do Not have realsitic expectations.

Realistic expectations are quite motivating, yet frustrating when you are not even close to your goals. That is why in this blogpost, we in EmysSuitcase tribe, are sharing the real deal. In a step by step road map, we are spelling the beans on a successful new year resolution and goal setting formula. By the end of this blogpost, you will learn how balance between dreaming big and having realostic expectations of your hardwork.

New Year resolution and goal setting : The Brain dump

The process of brain dumping can be done every day, every week, every month, and every year. 

First, you need to divide your wants and needs. Second, write down your short-term and long-term goals. Third, separate your have-to-do lists from your non-negotiable-list. Lastly, differentiate between brain dump and writing down things you need to do on your day.

What is Brain Dump?

Brain Dump is basically an act of writing down one’s thoughts on a piece of paper to make space for new ideas and encourage creative thinking. It helps to clean up the mind and organize thoughts. Brain Dump is considered one of the most powerful mental health tools by its proponents to improve mental health. 

how to start 2024 strong?

How does Brain Dump work for new year resolution and goal setting?

On a blank sheet, write down the first word that comes to mind when it comes to your new year resolutions and goals setting.

For example: Fresh content for my blog, relatable mom entrepreneurs’ ideas, YouTube growth…etc.

Then my brain dump session will go as follows:

  • Quiet space, with a pen , paper, or a tool you prefere. 
  • Write down the main ideas that come to mind when you start thinking in keyword style. Not paragraphs, just keywords.
  • The next step is putting those keywords into context.
  • 10 minutes of pure concentration or however long you want it to be and then set it aside.

For example, if I write down YouTube. Then, I will complete the sentence by saying, monetize YouTube, or gain 1k YouTube subs, or YouTube watch hours…etc. I can take up a notch and set a time frame by saying 1K YouTube subscribers by March.

After writing down ideas, I move to How to.

I will still stick to the Youtube example because it is one of my intentions for 2024. In the how-to section for my Youtube brain dump, I will need to think of a few ways to reach that goal.

The How To Tactics of a successful new year resolution and goal setting

The how-to process is your tactics to achieve your goals and without them you are only wishing for things to come your way. And that just Luck if it happens.

How to achieve a goal is to plan ahead before acting on that goal. This step is called preparation

You can’t cook a meal without preparing for it. Right?

By setting the intention on how I want things done. I’m already halfway through getting to that goal.

Think of different ways to achieve that goal. Again talking about my YouTube. In order to achieve that goal by March, I will need to:

  • Put New Fresh content every single week
  • Do some keyword, problem and topics research in my niche that mom entrepreneurs need addressing or solving.
  • Work on my editing style, and learn few techniques
  • Reporpuse my Youtube videos into short vertical videos
  • Outsource for things I need help with
  • Create time for me apart from my main duty as a mom to work on my passion

How to set the stage for the New year resolution and Goal setting?

1-Reflect on Achievements:

  • Take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments from the past year. Recognize your successes, big or small, and own them.
  •  Create a list of your last year’s achievements and express gratitude for the lessons learned. Own the mistakes call them experiences, and move on. We often dwell on our mistakes and imagine different scenarios and what if’s. Let me tell you something “what if” is one of the most self-sabotaging methods, and when we let go of it, we disempower it and give that power to our brains to think of ways to succeed in something else.

2-Cleanse Your Space and Mind:

  • Clearing physical and mental clutter is essential for a fresh start. Declutter your living and workspace, and practice mindfulness to release any lingering stress or negativity. For example, get rid of those pair of jeans you kept hanging in your wardrobe because you are waiting to shrink a couple of sizes to wear them. There is absolutely no harm in motivating yourself with something to keep you going. But how about instead of clinging to something from the past, rewarding yourself with something in the future. Tell yourself once you lose those few pounds, you are buying a new pair of jeans.

3-Make it a fun a citivity:

  •  Schedule a day for a thorough decluttering session, both in your physical space and in your thoughts. Now, let’s talk about decluttering your brain. When decluttering our space and house by getting rid of old torn shirts, and small outfits that no longer fit is important.
  • Decluttering our minds of negative thinking is crucial for our mental health. By getting rid of the old obsessive, negative thoughts, and getting rid of people who make our life less exciting is also helpful. By cutting them off you are disempowering that person from destrying your peace.

4-Set Intentions, Not Resolutions:

  • Instead of rigid resolutions, set positive intentions for the coming year. Focus on personal growth, happiness, and well-being, allowing flexibility for change and adaptation. once I set a new year’s resolution as “this year, no mistakes” obviously I was so naive. As long as we are alive, we will keep making mistakes because we are humans and the margins of error are huge. 
  • Write down three intentions for the new year, framing them in a positive and empowering manner. For example, work out 3 times a week, or instead of saying cutting off junk food, say eating healthier or reading 3 books a month …etc.
new year resolution and goal setting

5-Create a Vision Board: new year resolution And goal setting

  • Visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting your goals. Craft a vision board that represents your aspirations and the energy you want to attract in 2024. Visualization is one of my favorite things to do, whatever I visualize, it comes true. Trust me, whatever I visualize and put so much effort into it, it comes to life. spooky, ain’t it?!
  •  Gather images, figures, quotes, and symbols that resonate with your goals, and arrange them on a vision board on your desk, in your wardrobes, in your kitchen, or somewhere you see every day. The point is to see that board every single day to send signals to your brain to act on HOW to achieve those goals.

6-Establish a Strong Support System:

  • Surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you. Strengthening your support system is crucial for navigating challenges and celebrating successes together. Set boundaries and express them to people around you and tell them when those boundaries are not respected by them. Withdraw when necessary, cut off some relations or friendships that don’t serve you, and say no when you need to.
  • Reach out to friends, family, or mentors and those of similar minds. express gratitude for their support and discuss your goals for the upcoming year with people who share the same vision. 

A wave can be both a Bye and a Hi

As we close the door in 2023, remember that every end is a new beginning. Embrace the concept of clean slates and use this transition to redefine your path. Whether this year was a triumph or a challenge, closing this chapter with gratitude and purpose paves the way for a powerful start to 2024. With reflective moments, intentional planning, and a supportive network, you can step into the new year with confidence and resilience.

As you embark on this year. Carry the lessons from the past, cherish the present, and look forward to the opportunities that await. Remember, you have the power to shape your narrative, and a new year brings with it endless possibilities. Here’s to closing one chapter and opening another, full of potentials. Cheers for a new year resolution and goal setting of the best year EVER!

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