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The Ultimate mompreneur Home Office, Creating your first SOHO

As a mompreneur, balancing business and family life can be challenging. However, creating a harmonious mompreneur home office is the linchpin to achieving your dream and reaching that balance.

Therefore, in this blogpost we are delving into how to create Your Mompreneur Zen Soho and transform some unused corner to Your Small Office, Home Office-SOHO- for Ultimate Productivity. In addition to that, We will discover ways to create, organize, and achieve the best ways to stay productive and launch your full potentials. Furthermore, we will also give you ideas on how to of the best techniqes used by successful mompreneurs. So, you can have your creative corner where all the money-making happens and dreams come true.

So, let’s delve into strategic design tips, organizational hacks, and mindset shifts that cultivate a space where creativity and efficiency thrive.

mompreneur soho office for small spaces

Understanding the Mompreneur Lifestyle

A mompreneur lifestyle is all about balancing and achieving the right formula between family life and business life. Even though, a mompreneur lifestyle is mostly working from home. Thus, creating a mompreneur home office is step one towards greatness.

Also, having a designated workspace to create a boundary between work and family life is important to separate between the “mommy-pyjamas” and the “business woman-suit” mentality.

Although, the pressure of setting up a business can be nerve-racking. Creating your own HOME OFFICE is a stepping stone in establishing business.

I speak from an experience, from the moment I started working on my dream as a mompreneur, it has been a hell of a ride. What made a huge difference to me is having my own SOHO, where all the magic happens. I have learnt so much, and I have developed a business mentaility. In my mompreneur home offic; I plan, create, design, hire, and fire anyone in my team-which is mostly me by the way. I’m the janitor and the CEO of my company. 

mompreneur home office

That’s why creating my own small office, home office, or SOHO as I like to call it is a huge deal for me. 

As a result, I achieve more and do more on my business agenda daily. I do have the motivation, as i made a deal with myself. I needed to invest in my home office so that it motivate me. And anytime I feel lazy, I remind myself that I made an investment and I need to work. So, I don’t have any excuses not to work on my dreams. 

Designing a Productive Home Office Space

Maximizing productivity starts with the right space. Whether your home is a house or an apartment, creating the right mompreneur home office that mirrors your vision is the highlight of getting things right. If you devote a whole room, or if you have a one sqaure meter, you can create a cute little corner that is solely yours. However, in this blog post, we are going to discuss ideas for creating a zen mompreneur home office for small spaces. 

If you live in a small place like me, then my advice will be to opt for a minimalist design to create an open and uncluttered environment. Invest in multifunctional furniture to make the most of limited space. Consider a foldable desk or wall-mounted shelves to free up floor space when needed.

Deciding on what type of office for me was a big step, as we don’t have a big space. Our apartment is small, and my daughter’s toys are everywhere. Therefore, I needed a dedicated area for my books, laptop, and a space to call it “my office” to motivate me to work every day. I no longer sit in front of the TV and pretend I’m working on my laptop. I have my shrine where my creative juices flow. 

emyssuitcase mompreneur home office
My mompreneur office after finishing 3 coffees and this blog.

Essential Elements of a Zen Home Office

The key to a Zen mompreneur home office lies in simplicity. Choose calming colors, such as soft blues or greens. Also, natural tan and beige tones are eye-appealing. In my house, the theme furniture color is brown. That’s why you will see matching desks, with matching bookshelves. And that is flowing harmoniously in our living room. 

Moreover, try to incorporate natural light to create a serene atmosphere. On the other hand, if you are unable to stick your desk to a window to enjoy the natural light. I have got ideas for you!

A ground Asian style paper lantern is the secret to adding a minimalist, and an elegant element to your SOHO mompreneur home office. You can find that in any home store or a marketplace.

Invest in ergonomic furniture to support your well-being during long work hours. Good ergonomic design has been shown to increase work quality and production as well as worker well-being. An ergonomic environemnt “focuses on designing products and environments that are comfortable, efficient, and safe for humans to use“. Source :kessebohmer ergonomics

The Zen mompreneur home office desk is uncluttered, providing a clear space for focused work. And is fitting her in all areas from engineering, psychology, and physiology.

focusing on what brings you pleasure

Organizational Tips for Mompreneur home office

Decluttering is a powerful tool for boosting productivity. Invest in storage solutions like baskets, drawer organizers, and floating shelves. Keep only the essentials on your desk – a laptop, a notepad, and a few carefully selected decorative items. Utilize digital tools for file organization and opt for a paperless approach whenever possible.

For example, when I bought my desk, I was super excited about it and I spent the whole day perfecting it. I put a plant, my books, a candle, my side lamp, a pen holder, my daughter’s picture, a few notes, telephone holder, and my laptop. Indeed, it looked photographic and aesthetic but not practical. Because, it had a lot and no desk space to work or focus. For example, I didn’t find any place for my keyboard or hands. It was funny and confusing at the same time. 

Meanwhile, my office still has a few of the above-mentioned things. Hence, I only keep the essential tools that will the project I’m working on.

mompreneur corporate office

Incorporating Mindfulness and Relaxation in Your mompreneur Home Office

Integrate elements of mindfulness into your office space to promote relaxation and focus. Consider adding a small indoor plant or essential oil diffuser for a touch of nature. For example, on my desk, there is not a real plant, but there is a fake plant that substitutes the natural element. I don’t have essential oil, but a candle for me is a no-go item as my candle is my best friend during late-night work. I also, LOVE to listen to soft jazz for more creativity and workflow.

Create a designated meditation or relaxation corner with a comfortable chair or cushions for moments of reflection. To illustrate, I have written a note stating that Success is Passion & Commitment and that’s my fuel that keeps me going. I also used to put a picture of myself wearing business attire and I look like a CEO of a multi-million dollar company and that is another motivation for me. 

There is no right or wrong when putting your personal touch. Your vision board is your dreams, ambitions and future vision. No one can take that from you and anonone can dictate that to you. Therefore, be creative and dreamy. You can introduce the elements that match your mindset and style.

Time Management Strategies for Mompreneurs

Effective time management is the backbone of a successful mompreneur. Creating a mompreneur home office requires time management skills and techniques. In your office, you are BOSS. And bosses don’t waste their time in fluffing. Fluffing is doing anything that does not reflect your vision.

Therefore, you need to Set clear boundaries for work hours and establish a routine that accommodates both work and family commitments. However, that is not always manageable especially if your little one is mostly at home with you. For instance, most days my daughter who is an exploring toddler is at home with me most of the time. Working around her is the main theme of my time management technique. I don’t always get to work on time as I always plan, because my beautiful daughter needs my undivided attention. Nonetheless, Investing in a quality planner or digital scheduling tool to keep track of tasks, deadlines, and family activities is my biggest advice.

Additionally, Download a few apps like Forest, and Focus-to-do to measure your concentration and task management. Also, educate yourself on a few time management methods and choose one that suits you.

mompreneur digital tools

Balancing Work and Family in a Home Office Setting

Separate work and family life by creating distinct zones within your home office. Establish ground rules with family members to minimize interruptions during work hours. For example, my mompreneur home office is in the same area as the living room. That’s why If I have my husband at home, I have strict rules. These are NO TALKING TO ME WHATSOEVER unless it’s urgent.

Therefore, you should consider noise-canceling headphones to maintain focus, and schedule breaks to spend quality time with your loved ones. I sometimes take breaks and go chitchat with hubby for a few seconds. But if I’m writing a blog or working on a design and my creative juices are flowing, I don’t like to get interrupted at all. And that is my non-negotiable. So, think of your non-negotiables and take it from therer!

Mompreneurs toolkit: Technology and Tools for Mompreneur Home Office

Equip your home office with the latest technology to streamline tasks. Invest in a reliable laptop, high-speed internet, and quality communication tools. Consider ergonomic accessories like an adjustable chair and keyboard for enhanced comfort during long working hours. 

Also, consider a small stool or an ottoman to raise your legs under your desk for maximum comfort. Or try to stand up and go to the kitchen to renew your herbal tea every 30 minutes. Use your smart watch to remind you to stand up and drink water. When it comes to momprenialship, technology is your best friend to save you heaps of time.

mompreneur home office digital tools

Networking and Support for Mompreneurs

Connect with other mompreneurs for mutual support and inspiration. Join online communities Like EmysSuitcase. Also, attend networking events, and seek mentorship opportunities. Building a support system can provide valuable insights and encouragement to navigate the challenges of balancing work and family. Moreover, connecting with mompreneurs who share the same ambitions and mentality increases your chances of success.

Just as reading about mompreneurs or people who do what you are doing or what you wanna do is as helpful and motivating as talking with them. Therefore, reading successful stories can increase your chances of success because it sharpens your growth mentality.

emy mompreneur home office


To sum up, Creating a Zen mompreneur home office is a journey of balance and intention. By understanding your unique needs, designing a productive space, and incorporating elements of mindfulness, you can transform your SOHO into a sanctuary for both work and family. Embrace the challenge, stay organized, and let your home office be a reflection of your entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to a harmonious work-life balance.

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