What’s New Year’s Resolution and how to achieve it?

What does new year’s resolution mean anyway? It’s one’s promise to himself to embrace good habits, cut off bad habits, and work towards some goals. To many, the new year’s resolution is to quite smoking, excersise more often, reduce sugar intake… etc. Similarly, other resolutions can be saving money, getting married or travelling somewhere. The resolution can grow bigger to match the person’s dreams and aspirations. Also, it can be a very small cange.

However, many of us fall in the trap of high expectations and over promising oneself. Moreover, when we fail to keep up with our promise”the new year’s resolution” by second week of January everything start to fall apart and the new year resolution becomes new year frustration.

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Setting clear intentions for the new year’s resolution

To start a new year strong and get the best out of it, you need to reflect on the previous one:

  • List your achievements and goals. In three columns, write down what you started and finished and you started and did not finish and what you didn’t start at all.
  • Be honest with yourself: Write down your mistakes, and areas of improvements. Any lessons learnt? Have you given up any bad habits ? Any new habits embraced? Are you satisfied with how you look? Are you happy with the quality of your life, financially, socially, and spritualy?
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Write down your achievements of last year and start making a new list of this year.pic from Pixabay

“New year , New me” is such a cliché.

Once upon a time, I used to be one of those folks who tied everything to the new year’s resolution. I put so many hopes and so much pressure on myself that I MUST start everything on January first. And OMG, if the first day of the year didn’t go as expected. It would be a huge domino effect that would take all my hopes and promises down.

But guess what? There are no manuals for our days. They will pass either way. It all depends on your mindset. The old me would fall into the trap of “I will start next month”. 3 months later, I’m still procrastinating and nothing is achieved. We all turn into “New-Year-New-Me-Wishy-Washy” person with so many hopes and few actions done by March.

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How to stop being a new year procrastinator?

Discipline is a muscle as much as confidence is. It’s not a personal trait. No one is born confident. Have you ever seen a baby confident? Or a toddler born knowing what he is doing? The answer is NO. We all gain confidence by practice, encouragement and praise. The more we train that muscle, the more we strengthen it. Accordingly, the more we feel good about ourselves, the more we gain confidence in ourselves. Eventually that confidence becomes self belief.

Therefore, confidence stems from how you see yourself, the beliefs you have in yourself, and all the promises you have made to yourself and kept them.

That makes lack of confidence : all the promises we make to ourselves and fail to keep.

How to make a new year’s resolution and stick to it?

It’s the first day of the year and the first week of January. The beauty and the excitement of beginnings. This is another cliché. Isn’t everyday a new beginning and another ending. Isn’t it a potential of many great things to happen? Isn’t any day a chance for any dream to come true?

If your answer is NO, then okay January first is a very special day to you. But if it is a YES, then it is another calendar day and sure is so special. However, let’s not tie everything to it since we can always have fresh starts and clean slate everyday.

new year's resolution

New year’s resolution should not make you fall under any kind of pressure. The trick is to set some realistic expectations and achievable resolutions.
Some people fall under the impression that the new year will have a miracle effect and will change their life. The pressure of feeling a certain way, but you don’t, is such unneeded burden.
I have been there, hanging all my hopes, wishes and sometimes life changing decisions on January First. Eventually, I realized that it’s naïve. January first is just another calendar day. It’s exactly as August 19th and 30th of February. Well, if there is 30th of February then that is indeed an exceptional day!

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How to stick to our New Year’s resolution and create habits that stick?

Here is 8 ways to make you treat every day as a New Year’s Resolution and create habits that stick.

But first commit to start working on your dreams. The following ideas are only for inspiration. Our dreams are individualistic. Some of us dream of the right relationship, new family member, a beautiful house, travel somewhere, business, promotions … etc.

The following 8 ideas are steps to motivate and encourage you to get the best out of yourself.

8 achievable New Year’s Resolutions

1-Keep all your good habits:

  • Change nothing about them, that is a resolution. Keep track of your daily good habits and write them down. Make them rituals in your days and write notes to yourself of how you feel when you do them. Treat yourself for a daily journal or a planner to keep track of all the good things. Having a journal aids massively to counting your daily blessings. Also, It motivates you to keep track of your thoughts.

2- Keep going even if you broke down

  • Don’t feel discouraged if you smoked a cigarette after quitting for 3 days. Consider the next day as another new year’s resolution. Reset ,R epair and Redo. Start each and everyday with a clear, fresh and new mindset. Forget the calendar day , just think of it as a new day, because it is.
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3-Set Boundaries for new year’s resolution

  • Go through your circle of friends, who is negative and not supportive of your dreams. Cut them off. That’s not selfish. Know your crowd and be among people who share the same vision. By doing that you will feel good about yourself, and you will reach your goals faster.

4- Commit and press start

  • I heard it more than I can count ” start before you are ready”. If you are waiting to start something when you are ready. You will never be ready. What is it you decided you wanted to do and you linked it to the New Year? Going to the gym? Losing weight? Quitting smoking? Being kind? Calling your family daily? …etc. Do it now! Commit to it from this moment.
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5- Belief!

I read in one of my absolute favourite books ” the magic of thinking big”, that belief is basically the oil that makes things move towrds your goals. Therefore, Talk to yourself with love. Beleive in your abilities. Motivate yourself and embrace how you look and always tell yourself, I look good but I want to look better. Burn some fat and build some muscles.

6- Organize your time

Poor time management is the first step towards feeling overwhelming and discouragement and eventually giving up on our dreams. You are more aware of what is holding you back. Once you realize that, start with small steps. Use time block and outsource for some tasks. You don’t have to be a hero. Remember we need to crawl before walk.

7- Reward yourself

Make a to-do list and start ticking off each task. Link your small victories to some rewards. Don’t ever forget to reward yourself to encourage yourself to do more. However ,do not rush for instant gratification. Rather wait to enjoy your big victory.


8-Make a list of the books you heard about.

There are many book clubs on social media recommending books for different aspects in life. Start with self development genre. Ask for recommendations. and join our newsletter, we always recommend new books and we dedicate a blog a month for the most recommended books for different interests.

How to achieve your New Year’s resolution and more?

Do you really think you need a new year’s resolution to fulfill those wishes?

Absolutely not!

In conclusion, the idea of waiting for a specific date like New Year’s to set resolutions and pursue self-improvement may be more limiting than empowering. Instead of confining the desire for positive change to a once-a-year ritual, recognize that every day is an opportunity for personal growth.

Break free from the constraints of January and embrace the notion that you can reinvent yourself at any moment. Share your aspirations and strategies for self-improvement not just on New Year’s but consistently throughout the year. By cultivating a mindset of continuous improvement, you unlock the potential for a fulfilling and enriched life, unrestricted by the confines of a yearly cycle. So, ditch the conventional resolutions, seize the present, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and progress every day.

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2 Responses

  1. Nice read. You made me think about what I lacked last year to focus on today. And you’re right, every day should feel like a new year because it’s fresh start. Also, I’m going to look into the cute little bookmarks. 💕💕💕

    1. Thanks Aleya! I agree with you, we need to reflect on what we lacked the year before and use it as fuel to the year we are in. Oh, you would love the cute book marks.

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