What is your new year’s resolution?

But first how was your 2021?let’s take a look back on it. Have you gone through your last year resolutions, achievements, mistakes, wishes , dreams, lessons learnt, bad habits changed, and new ones embraced? On a scale of 1 to 10, How much did you score?

To kick the new year’s butt and get the best out of it, you need to evaluate the past year. Write down your mistakes, and areas of improvements. List your postponed dreams and figure out why they are still on hold? Any lessons learnt? Have you given up any bad habits ? Have you replaced them with new healthy ones that are now essential part of your lifestyle? What about your physique? Are you satisfied with how you look? Those few pounds that have always bothered you, did you do anything about them?

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Write down your achievements of last year and start making a new list of this year.pic from Pixabay

“New year , New me” is such a cliché.

Once upon a time, I used to be one of those folks who tied everything to the new year. I put so many hopes and so much pressure on myself that I MUST start everything on January first. And OMG, if the first day of the year didn’t go as expected. It would be a huge domino effect that would make everything crumble. And I would say “this year was supposed to start right”.

But guess what? There are no manuals for our days. They will pass either way. It all depends on your mindset. The old me would fall into the trap of “I will start next month”. 3 months later, I’m still procrastinating and nothing is achieved, this in turn goes and on year after year. We all turn into new year, new me wishy washy person with so many dreams on our lists and nothing achieved.

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January first, another calendar day. Pic from Pixabay

How to stop being a new year procrastinator?

Discipline is a muscle as much as confidence is. It’s not a personal trait. No one is born confident. Have you ever seen a baby confident? Or a toddler born knowing what he is doing? The answer is NO. We all gain confidence by practice, encouragement and praise. The more we train that muscle, the more we strengthen it. Accordingly, the more we feel good about ourselves, the more we gain confidence in ourselves. Eventually that confidence becomes self belief.

Therefore, confidence stems from how you see yourself, the beliefs you have in yourself, and all the promises you have made to yourself and kept them.

That makes lack of confidence : all the promises we make to ourselves and fail to keep.
possible, impossible, every day resolution
Self affirmation to believe in one’s self. Pic from Pixabay

How did you wake up this morning

It’s the first day of the year and the first week of January. The beauty and the excitement of beginnings. This is another cliché. Isn’t everyday a new beginning and another ending. Isn’t it a potential of many great things to happen? Isn’t any day a chance for any dream to come true?

If your answer is NO, then okay January first is a very special day to you. But if it is a YES, then it is another calendar day and sure IS special. However, let’s not tie everything to it since we can always have fresh starts and clean slate everyday.

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Good morning sunshine, write down your resolution of the day. Pic from pixabay

New year resolution should not make you fall under any kind of pressure. The pressure of feeling a certain way, but you don’t, is such unneeded burden.
Some people fall under the impression that the new year will have a miracle effect and will change their life in one blink is not just illogical but also unrealistic.

“New Year: new me” style.

I have been there, hanging all my hopes, wishes and sometimes life changing decisions on 01/01. Eventually, I realized that it’s naïve. January first is just another calendar day. It’s exactly as august 19th and 30th of February. Well if there is 30th of February then that is indeed an exceptional day.

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New years resolutions spell

Yet new year resolution has a charm, no doubt. We put lots of hopes ,wishes and dreams we truly need them to come true to give us something to look forward to. Even though we mostly forget them in the first week.

How to stick to our new years resolution and create habits that stick?

Here is 8 ways to make you treat every day as a new year’s resolution and create habits that stick.

But first commit to start working on your dreams. The following ideas are only for inspiration. Our dreams are individualistic. Some of us dream of the right relationship, new family member, beautiful house, travel somewhere, business, promotions … etc.

The following 8 ideas are steps to motivate and encourage you to get the best out of yourself.


1-Keep all your good habits, change nothing about them, that is a resolution. Keep track of your daily good habits and write them down. Make them rituals in your days and write notes to yourself of how you feel when you do that. Treat yourself for a daily journal or a planner to keep track of all the good things , to do lists, and the things you are grateful for. Having a journal aids massively to counting your daily blessings and make you treat them as holly as possible.

2-If you broke a promise you made to yourself in the first week, don’t feel discouraged. Tomorrow morning is your new year and you can reset or repair and redo. Start each and everyday with a clear , fresh and new mindset. Forget the calendar day , just think of it as a new day , because it is.

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Be present in the moment. Pic from Pixabay

3-Whatever you want to cut off, whether it is a bad habit or a toxic person, do it right now and go on with your life. Go through your circle of friends, who is negative and not supportive of your dreams? Cut them off. That’s not selfish. Know your crowd and be among people who share the same vision. By doing that you will feel good about yourself , about the day and about the world.

4-What is it you decided you wanted to do and you linked it to the New Year? Going to the gym? Losing weight? Quitting smoking? Being kind? Calling your family daily? …etc. Do it now! Commit to it from this moment.

rail, railroad, road-2849929.jpg
Commit to your dreams.Start right now. Pic from Pixabay

5-The few pounds you needed to drop to boost your confidence. Who needs a January to start a healthy lifestyle. Challenge yourself to eat healthy, drink more water, cook your own food, because you love yourself not the opposite.

Talk to yourself with love. Motivate yourself and embrace how you look and always tell yourself, I look good but I want to look better. Burn some fat and build some muscles.

6-Going to the gym or jogging down the track, or that yoga class you have always wanted to join. What is taking you so long to start that? Whatever it is whether being lazy, poor time management, or procrastination. You are more aware of what is holding you back. Once you realize that, start with small steps. Remember we need to crawl before walk. Start with baby steps till you reach 5 thousand step, and increase day by day.

7- You can’t plan your day right? you are torn between your full time job, your family, kids, partner, or sedentary lifestyle. Start planning your day ahead. Make a to do list and start ticking off each task. Link your small victories to some rewards. Don’t ever forget to reward yourself to encourage yourself to do more. However ,do not rush for instant gratification. Rather wait to enjoy your big victory.

Rewarding myself with a cup of coffee after a productive day.
Enjoying my caramel latte in my favorite coffeeshop after finishing my blogpost. Pic by Emy

8-Make a list of the books you heard about. There are many book clubs on social media recommending books for different aspects in life. Start with self development genre. You can commute while listening to audio books. However, I personally prefer reading a book and holding it in my hands, as I feel I develop a relationship with the book. Check my Instagram what I’m reading this month.

Do you really think you need a new year to fulfill those wishes?

Absolutely not.

There are many and many ways to make yourself a new version of yourself every day. You don’t need a January01 to do that. Everyday can be one if you want it to be. Don’t take January first for granted, you might not live it. However you are alive right now. This is your moment. Seize it and treasure it.
Do it now, don’t waste time.
And don’t forget to tell yourself every morning “Happy new year, Happy new ME”.

Share with me your new years resolution and tell me how you keep them. I love learning from you. Ciao for now

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2 Responses

  1. Nice read. You made me think about what I lacked last year to focus on today. And you’re right, every day should feel like a new year because it’s fresh start. Also, I’m going to look into the cute little bookmarks. 💕💕💕

    1. Thanks Aleya! I agree with you, we need to reflect on what we lacked the year before and use it as fuel to the year we are in. Oh, you would love the cute book marks.

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