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Welcome to EmysSuitcase where motherhood and entrepreneurialship go hand in hand.  Our motto is to Empower, Transform, and Thrive, one story at a time.

EmysSuitcase like a suitcase full of powerful resources for mothers who want to improve their lifestyle


At EmysSuitcase, our mission is deeply personal – a commitment to empower , transform  and thrive. With tailored blogposts full of practical tips, creative insights, and expert coaching, enabling mothers to flourish as mompreneurs. We strive to provide mothers the tools to script their own narrative of success in the business world.


We envision a world where every mom not only survives but thrives in the realms of motherhood and entrepreneurship, creating a success story for herself to tell, full of achievements, fullfillment and financial freedom.


a blessed mother, a blossoming entrepreneur


Thanks for visiting EmysSuitcase, I’m the heart and soul behind every word. I’m a storyteller, an entrepreneur, and a proud mom to my babygirl, Lillyana. I may not have it all together but I’m authentic, and I’m REAL.

With every word I write, there is hours of research and huge amount of work done. I built my Passion for entrepreneurship from scratch and taught myself many skills I have never imagined I had the patience for. Each story I share is a real-life experience filled with laughter, joy, and a touch of pain.

With each passing day, I strive to become the mom entrepreneur I want to be while recognizing the blessed mother I already am.

My words are written for moms with dreams to empower, transform and thrive in life as mompreneurs and businesswomen in the making.

Step inside EmysSuitcase the blueprint of my life and a story of sucess. This cozy corner of the internet is a place where transforming dreams into a thriving business adventure is a reality.

So grab a cup of coffee, take a seat, and let’s empower, transform and thrive one story at a time.

how i am going to help you?

My goal is empowering mothers and Transforming their motherhood journey into a thriving business adventure



Coaching for Mompreneurs

"Your Success, Our Blueprint" Together, we are crafting Your Mompreneurial Masterpiece. We offer a 1:1 personalized coaching sessions on personal branding, business planning, and effective marketing strategies to help you thrive in your business.

Digital marketing

"Monetize Your Voice, Monetize Your blog"
We offer packages to help you Learn the art of content creation to monetization. Join our transformative program, where we delve into the art of blogging, content creation and digital marketing with tried-and-true strategies.

Business Planning Bootcamp

"From Dreams to reality, planning Your Business Success." In our bootcamp, we walk hand-in-hand through the journey sculpting a business plan that reflects your vision and fuels your success story.

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